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American Clinics International, Budapest, Hungary
Welcome to the new American Clinics International website! We are the leading supplier of health services to the Budapest expatriate community, representing over 1,500 families who make up the dynamic environment that is Budapest, Hungary. It is our idea to provide you with comfort and service ... in sickness and in health.

A Healthy Business
Behind every expatriate, there is a story with a few familiar themes: packing and unpacking boxes, airplane tickets, real estate agents, new colleagues, new friends ... we all know the list. Now add to that list setting up a new business, not just a new life. It is for all of these reasons that American Clinics International is proud to celebrate its second birthday with the Budapest community.
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Take Comfort in... Your Work

In his infamous novel Generation X , Douglas Coupland captured the post-80 's generation of office victims, trapped behind grey felt faux-walls, gawking at the green glow of trading indices. Coupland appropriately called these cubicles veal-fattening pens. We 're in a different age now. The open office design today is all about symbiosis. Gone are the walls. Gone are the huge mahogany desks piled with papers. Gone is the ability to kick your shoes off without fear of exposing the holes in your socks. These days everybody's on display and easy-to-reach. Unimpeded information flow has superceded privacy.
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Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!
For a lazy Sunday ride, City Park is perfect. It is closed to cars on weekends, and there is plenty of space for both pedestrians and bikers on the numerous internal paths. A visit to the Transport Museum on this day makes an appropriate interlude, where ancient wooden bicycles, early model automobiles and old steam trains are exhibited. By comparison, Margit Island is much too small and crowded; head towards the next island in the Danube instead: Hajógyári sziget.
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Portrait of a Clown
János Greifenstein didn't answer a help wanted ad when he became a clown. When word got out that the Red-Nosed Clown Doctors were looking for, well, funny people able to act in unexpected situations, actors from within Budapest 's vibrant independent theater scene put Greifenstein's name forward.
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