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Mission Statement
American Clinics International offers high-quality medical care to expatriates living and working in the greater Budapest area as well as local nationals. Clinic Health Plans are available and offer patients reduced fees. The Clinic values good system of referrals and its working relationships with Hungarian physicians and hospitals. ACI's success depends on its highly-qualified and dedicated employees who strive to continually improve patient services through professional development, a willingness to pursue new challenges, an understanding of the patient's needs, and the practical application of the best American-style medical care practices. The team at ACI will always strive for quality service that not only meets but also exceeds patient expectations.

American Clinics International opened in Budapest, Hungary in February of 1999 and has become the leading provider of family practice and urgent care medical services to the foreign community in Budapest. ACI patients appreciate the high level of service in a very familiar environment. The Clinic serves individuals, families, companies, embassies, and non-profit organizations.

ACI is a subsidiary of American Clinics International, a US-based company, which oversees the management of the Budapest clinic. More importantly, American Clinics International monitors the quality of care at ACI. It is also worth noting that the name of the Budapest clinic has been changed to American Clinics International, Kft., or ACI, to more closely reflect this relationship.

ACI is constantly improving its services. In 2001, the Clinic will phase in additional benefits for all of its plan holders.

ACI Celebrates a Healthy Business
Behind every expatriate, there is a story with a few familiar themes: packing and unpacking boxes, airplane tickets, real estate agents, new colleagues, new friends ... we all know the list. Now add to that list setting up a new business, not just a new life. It is for all of these reasons that American Clinics International is proud to celebrate its second birthday with the Budapest community.

Ask anyone at the Clinic today, and they'll say they can't believe that two years ago they were evaluating potential office space with measuring tapes to find the suitable square meterage. According to Hungarian building codes, medical space for examination rooms had to be equal or greater than 18 square meters. Now comfortably nested into the Hattyúház, ACI is expanding throughout the rest of the building. Renovations are underway in the reception and waiting area, and there are plans to expand the Clinic too, both locally and internationally...     Continue »

1015 Budapest, Hattyu utca 14, Hattyuhaz, Fifth Floor, Tel: +36 1 224-9090  Click here to see the map.   
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